Yume Scholarship

The 1st “Yume Scholarship” Guidelines for Applicants

What is Yume Scholarship?

Our company WOWLD STUDY LLC. is a Japanese corporation that offers educational service to Japanese students at the Philippines.

We decided to return a part of our profit to Filipinos who are challenging their dreams. Anyone has the right to grab the chance!

The chosen student can get PHP 50,000 monetary assistance to go after his/her dream. It has to be used for your needs such as tuition or others which is relevant to your dream.


*One time sponsorship, not annual support

Why has this program launched?

Why has this program launched?

When I was a kid, I was prone to sickness, I always complained “Why only me? “. But I got to understand that there were lots of people who are suffering much more than me in the world.

When I turned on the TV, there were a still 5 year-old-boy who was lying on the ground without any movement, just many flies were on his body. He was just breathing with his eyes closed. He was so skinny with all skin and bones, but only his stomach was big. I realized that malnutrition caused his stomach to be big. It is said that over 500 children in African countries pass away every day.

That was shocking for me and made me feel ashamed about minor complaints. It was at that time when I realized that I would like to be the one who can help those people.

As times went by,  I came to the Philippines to study English in 2013.

I was not supposed to be associated to this country so much. But I met lots of people who were suffering from poverty, and they seemed to still have HOPE and were striving to get the chance as soon as they can.

It inspired me a lot. Helping or supporting many countries is difficult for me financially, but I had an epiphany to help children who still have hope in the this country through my experiences. And this is the beginning of my project to help children. I name this program YUME scholarship. It means DREAM in Japanese.

By the way, after the coronavirus situation, many people are put in a tight spot. It’s also a hard time for me to manage the company this time. However, I am willing to execute this project NOW. Let’s chase YUME(the dream) together!



*Fulfill conditions

✅Filipino nationality
✅Active students
✅10~35 years old
✅Ones who have a dream
✅Ones who are facing financial constraints
✅Ones who lack of financial supports

How to Apply?

Tell us about your dream and the difficulty to grab the opportunity. And mention how you are trying to realize your dream by overcoming the financial constraints on a video. You can upload it on our Facebook page with the title.

facebook-logo Yume Scholarship Facebook Page

*Video Limit – Ensure that your video doesn’t exceed the time limit of 3 to 5 minutes
*You can apply only once.

About Screening

Screening method

  • First screening :Selection on the basis of a points system based on LIKEs and SHAREs
    received by your Video posted on our FB account. * 1 LIKE=1 point/ 1 SHARE=3 points
  • Second screening :Interview using Video conference system
  • Final screening :Presentation in front of Examiner and other applicants using Video conference system

Screening deadline

  • Closing date for acceptance of application :July 31
  • First screening on :August 31 *5 people selection
  • Second screening on :TBA  *3 people selection
  • Third screening on :TBA *1 people selection

The criterion for examination

The nature of constraints faced by you. The struggle put forward by you to overcome these constraints in pursuit of your dreams.

*This may change with time.
*The event will be postponed until further notice if the number of applications doesn’t reach at least 10


Applicants videos for first screening

*Applicants videos for first screening are coming soon here.


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